Cypress College MAD 193 Class Page

Ashley Wood

Johnny Pixel
Rey Bustos
LA Artcore
Kelly Reemtsen
Mardine Davis
Paragone Art
T. Michael Tracy (one of my many doppelgangers in a very random universe)
Michael Tracy ( Jazz Musician and another namesake- could we start a club?)
Bill Jaynes

Rick Ewing
Rick's Blog

David Choe My friend and former student Johnny Quach, turned me on to this guy.
John Copeland Here's another quality bit of inspiration
Esther Peres Filmmaker
Jacqui Betito Gross Designer
Josh Barnett
Marissa Saradpon Both Josh and Marissa are Ai alums who are doing very interesting stuff- Art/Media/Culture/Music- maybe on the cusp of some new experience- some new reality?
Brad Burkhart Maniac painter- go see his shows!
Lee White Illustrator and Ai Portland Instructor
Louis Gonzales - Pixar Artists and former colleague at WB
WPS- wtf
Vuk Cosic- wtf2
Finishing School
Dave Lebow
Sasha George
Francis Tsai
the Sketching Forum
Richard Bazley
Mike Dietz Website Blog
Rejean Dubois Kelley-Little- former student- stuff rocks

Finishing School Site Blog Provoking Something

Danny Gross
Scattergood Sketchbook site
Arnold Mesches One of my heroes
Bobby Vu - Cool stuff!
Heather Carlton- Another former Ai student- doing something interesting- -
Ivan Aguirre
Tony Brown - interesting images
Robert Spellman - Acrylic painter, teacher, piano player- I find his ideas inspiring
Buddhist Geeks
Bobby Walker
Wayne Medina

Laura Fine Hawkes and Chris Hawkes
Bill Jaynes Drawing Blog
Ulysses Comic from Robert Berry
Anh Duong